Meghla Akash

Meghla Akash also (Bengali: মেঘলা আকাশ meaning of English: The Cloudy Sky ) is a Bangladeshi Bengali language film. The film directed by Bangladeshi filmmaker Nargis Akter and it is her first directed film. Release 2002 in all over Bangladesh. This thought has brought forward Nargis Akhter’s first feature film Meghla Akash that deals with the issue of HIV/AIDS prevention and control. Stars Moushumi, Ayub Khan, Amit Hasan, Shakil Khan, Purnima, Wasimul Bari Rajib, Shahidul Alam Sachchu, Ferdousi Mojimder, Pijush Bandhopadhya and many more. Public consciousness based the films special appearance Indian actress Shabana Azmi The film was appreciated by film critics also film viewers and won the National Film Award of Bangladesh as best director Nargis Akter of the year 2002, with gets won total six categories.


‘Meghla’ (Moushumi) a beautiful girl, and he loves with ‘Moni’ (Amit Hasan). Mohit’s father rejects Meghla because her uncle can not provide dowry. Meghla leaves her village with broken heart. Khoybor, an evil person, provokes her and tells her that he will find a job for her. Then he sells her in the market for prostitution. This is how the story begins.


  • Moushumi as Meghla
  • Ayub Khan as Jabed Ahmed
  • Shakil Khan as Rimi
  • Purnima as Moni
  • Amit Hasan as Moni
  • Neelam Sing as Jabed’s girl friend
  • Rajib as Hawlader
  • Ferdousi Mazumder as prostitution leader
  • Shahidul Alam Shachhu as Koybar Molla
  • Dildar as police constable
  • Syed Hasan Imam
  • Dolly Zahur as Meghla’s aunt
  • Amol Bose as Moni’s father
  • Jahanara Bhuiyan
  • Probir Mitra as Dr. Mitra
  • Pijush Bandyopadhyay as Baker Shakib
  • Sirajul Islam
  • Anis as Kazi
  • Shabana Azmi