Biye Korte Giye

The story of the drama series revolves around the aspects of marriage. Selim, the protagonist who is a middle-class young man without relatives, aims to get married to bring new people into the family to make his life more exciting. But little did he know of what was to come in his adventure to find a wife online.

Director Imraul Rafat has directed the drama written by writer Maruf Rehman. Maruf said, "Half of life's troubles start with getting married. And the other half is trouble after marriage. So, this time our story is about the dilemma of a bachelor young man to get married. Watch on Bongo, to enjoy the hilarious fun packed drama series Biye Korte Giye.

The drama's main characters are played by Niloy Alamgir, Parsa Ivana Tasnuva Tisha. However, Shahidul Alam Sachchu, Shamima Nazneen, Saidur Rahman Pavel, Rimi Karim, and many others will also be seen to play other characters.

This is the first of many Bongo originals being released this year. Bongo plans to bring more originals this year. Contents are available on www.bongobd.com or apps.