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As Motivator


He actively participated in so many social movements. Violence against women is one of them

Social Work

  1. From 1993 to 1994, I made drama with children in Horizon Community and initiated with his own efforts public consciousness based activities planning.
  2. In 1995, I established Theatre Centre for social development (TCSD) for the purpose of motivational drama for the welfare of all the walks of life.
  3. In 1996, I made the first stage drama with visually impaired and physically disadvantaged people.
  4. Volunteered in National disable organization network
  5. Volunteered in Children right organization
  6. I have organized ‘ Street Children Theatre Group’ with both privileged and under-privileged children in order to work on humanity and racism
  7. From 1947-1976, I had been member of 2 national children organization, namely “ Mukul Fouj” & “ Kachi Kacher Ashor”
  8. From 1976-1979, I was a young volunteer in ‘Kishor Nattom’ at the international organization, Red Crescent, previously known as Red Cross
  9. Compliance of responsibilities in the activities of Social Welfare in various natural calamities as a volunteer of Red Crescent
  10. For CRP Savar I acted on some motivational films for free

Related Organization

  • In 1976 he formed a football team named Cholontika Krirachakra.
  • In 1976 as Red Crescent volunteer worked in social wellfare and in natural calamities.
  • In 1980 became a volunteer of Center of Paralysis Rehabilitees in farmgate.
  • In 1982 formed Theater Center (Artonaad Theater) and still working as it’s founder director.
  • In 1984 opened a section for children in Artonaad Theater. Directed numerous children plays.
  • In 1995 formed Theater Center for Development (TSCD) and became the chairman. Working as a consultant from starting till now in various  NGO’s stage drama, cultural activities.
  • From 1999 till present a member of the executive council of Bangladesh Group Theater Federation.
  • To connect theater with development and formed with private organizations  Theater for Development Working Group Bangladesh was formed. Shahidul Alam Sachchu was one of the most important founding members and still a strategic planner of the organization.
  • Executive member of Bangladesh Cholochitro Shilpi Shomiti. 2 terms (4 years).
  • Lifetime member of Bangladesh Muktijoddha Shongshod.
  • Member of Ad club.
  • Lifetime member of Anjuman Mufidul Islam.
  • Corporate member of Uttara Club Ltd.
  • Ex member of Rainbow Cholochitro Shongshod.
  • Director of FIMS(Fazlul Haque Institute of Media Studies)
  • Lifetime member of Bangladesh Film Club.
  • Finance director of Swarno Kishori Network Foundation
  • Member of Try Foundation.
  • President of Obhinoy Shilpi Shongho.
  • Founder and General secretary of Dorshok Srota Pathok Foundation.
  • Adviser of National Debate Federation.
  • Executive member of “Bangladesh Motion Picture Artist Federation”.
  • Ex executive member of Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum
  • Member of ITI(International Theatre Institute) Bangladesh.
  • In 1997, was the coordinator of “Music Day” at Cannes organized by Alliance Francaise Bangladesh.
  • Member Of Sadani Art Foundation.
  • Member Of বাংলা একাডেমি.
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